RESIST in the media

Into the second week of the experiments, we are slowly getting accustomed to having the plants in the flume and the number of photos we take of the setup each day has gone down to a manageable number. It seems that we are not the only ones fascinated by this experiment and its purpose…

…as a total of ten journalists and photographers followed our invitation for a press day last week taking the opportunity to ask questions about the experiment, the previous one we did five years ago here in the large wave flume, and the functions and services of salt marshes in general.

We then opened the flume floor to the cameras while our daily measurements were underway. It made an exciting afternoon for both us scientists who were suddenly facing a TV camera and the camera man who had never travelled by crane before. And it was certainly worth it. The local newspapers reported on our study both on Friday and Saturday last week and we made it into the regional TV programme. The feature on the national radio will be available for download until 23. February 2019, so if your German is not yet up to scratch to understand all of our press coverage, there is still time to catch up.

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