The Team Trial… Now it really is getting exciting!

As the team at the wave flume is putting together the last remaining pieces of this awesome construction effort, the science team is preparing to converge on the flume facility in preparation of the first trial run… We want our carefully prepared tidal flat and marsh surfaces in tip-top condition right up to the point at which they will be brought into the flume for our first proper wave run, so we have to do this trial run without them.

To check that the equipment is fully working and that we all know what we are doing is extremely important, though – we cannot afford to take any risks after all this effort by so many people who have worked so hard to get us to this point. Thank you all and here’s to a successful trial run!

Final preparations underway in the large wave flume… our five ‘experimental zones’ are clearly visible across the 5m wide channel – imagine this all filled with water and giant storm waves rolling over the top….

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