We have reached half way!!

The team are now ‘well oiled’. Pallets are being inspected as they are teased apart from the ‘bulk’ of pallets sitting outside in the ‘storage area’, then labelled and moved sequentially into the flume, where they are carefully pushed onto the board, carried by crane, and positioned in their correct place after being ‘patched up’ with clay where gaps become obvious. So the blocks (and everything in them) has an easy, undisturbed, transition, while the team work hard…

Yippee! Row 17 is placed - half way!

Yippee! Row 17 is placed – half way!

… and towards the end of the week,¬†we finally reached half way point. The team is now working so well together that everyone is hopeful to achieve completion of all 34 rows of saltmarsh blocks by the middle of the following week.

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